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Grant Nieuwenhuys

It’s incredible how far the niche sports agency from Cape Town has come.

The founder Grant likes to humbly refer to his agency as ”small with big plans”, but I prefer to use ‘niche’ because of the way they conduct their business.


The group meets up annually for lunch, so that all the clients interact and some meet for the first time at the end of every season.

There’s four players in the stable currently, striker Waseem Isaacs has been with the agency the longest in the group.

Azeemud-Deen ’Zimo’ Brenner is a potential 20 to 30 game left full-back with real NFD experience.

Dillan Solomons is one of the new signings announced by Kaizer Chiefs, which had the internet going crazy.

And then there’s Ethan Felix, the baby of the five-man crew. A classic centre-mid with that Cape Town gees and cheekiness. He’s packing his bags to the Winelands to join Stellenbosch.

We’re only looking at adding one more.

Grant on their immediate plans.
Grant, Dillon Solomons (Kaizer Chiefs), Zimo Brenner, Ethan, Waseem Isaacs.

I made contact with Grant when I was starting out, after I’d seen the late Cecil Lolo during a press visit at Ajax Cape Town.

As a fellow kasi guy who could see that the you g Lolo had the goods to make it, but I felt it was crucial for him to get himself representation or risk getting pushed out like many of the other guys before him at Ikamva.

He told me that he was represented by a Grant Nieuwenhuys and I remembered the name from one of my online contacts made at a time when online socialising was really starting to really pop around 2007 or ’08.

I proposed a story to my editor and it was approved. I immediately called him for a comment and the rest is history, a story that’s still being written.

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