2:29:11 Me: “It’s Africa’s time!”

Everybody knows how to spell Mane.

Last week I was on Twitch for Goal Africa to react to the 2022 World Cup draw.

It was really dope, cause Africa actually has some strong candidates.

We’ve got the most in-form player Edouard Mendy & easily the face and Cover Star of the upcoming World Cup Sadio Mane.

Bar for bar, the Lions of Teranga can really make something happen in Qatar.

2:34:55 The Cameroon story is an amazing story!

There’s no better federation story bigger than Cameroon right now!

The bond between Rigobert Song and Samuel Eto’o is also so strong!

2:42:56 We’ve got the strongest Tunisian team anybody’s seen in a long time. I think Morocco is tournament ready, Ghana need to find players, and again, Senegal are going all the way!

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