SAFA NWL: I Wanna Be Part Of It

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Watching this past weekend’s Safa National Women’s League match between TUT (Tshwane University of Technology) and UWC (University of the Western Cape) struck a chord, I ain’t gonna lie.

That match had everything! Seriously, well done to everyone involved. Wow!

Someone in this house cancelled my recording of SABC Soccer Zone so I missed out on the highlights.

But I’ve been watching the clips of the goals, my homie Manetjie who likes to put on a show as a commentator would describe the goals as “mayi-mayi the goals by UWC were sensational!”

I was truly inspired and decided I’ll be part of the problem instead of pointing out the wrongs and what should be.

Bush were playing nice and confident football, but Tshwane side was getting the goals and led twice in the 2-2 draw.

I’ve been on the Safa NWL vibe since. TUT is a sports-mad institution and they take care of their sportswomen programs and athletes.

You could see that in their team coached by former Banyana Banyana international Anna Monate. 

Her peer on the Bush bench is Thinasonke Mbuli, who’s also assistant to Coach Desiree Ellis’ at Banyana Banyana.

Mbuli is also a former university athlete herself, who played for Durban University of Technology (DUT) in the Ussa system, and has also played for Durban Ladies and Sunflower.

There’re most definitely many challenges in the women’s game. We are South Africa after all, we specialise in not doing things properly.

We know this, it’s about what you do when the ball has been passed to you.

I saw the game, I write about it. Simple. It can be a business that can sustain everyone plus funding structures and campaigns.

If you’re on radio, TV, community initiatives, there’s nothing wrong with spreading the love and getting a piece of the action.

The stories within this story are amazing. It’s now just about amplifying what’s already there, and make the connections between communities and align it to the overall cause of developing top people on and off the field.

I’ve worked on many sets and industries, it lacks football people working in it. From billboards and other signages to the overall language nje isn’t together!

You just watch, we’ll end up with a Cassper situation where he had claimed ownership of the word “Fill Up” when used in music and entertainment when a Limpopo artist used it for his own fill-up concert.

There won’t be any slang available to use because adverts will take them all.

Not everything has to be for sale for it to benefit the workers of the land. The players.

A payoff line “a game for the people” can be used year after year and more consistently because it’s not a trend.

We must stop throwing trends into the game hoping the stick is getting us nowhere.

Ask yourself, what is the official name of the top South African league title? What is the official name of the national (association) cup?

They have been sold!

What if Dstv didn’t bid for the rights when Absa announced that they’re leaving SA league football. What would the league be called?

I work with Banyana Banyana goalkeeper Kaylin Swart at SABC on the Bundesliga Live show, who plays for JVW FC. I’ll be watching closely now to show love to the homegirl. I know some of the other Banyana ladies when I watch the national team play. So I’ll be checking them out too.

The NWL is an opportunity for the young people stuck at the bottle-neck to get into the Psl action.

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