#DiskiChallenge: Dstv takeover

Dstv has now also taken over the Diski Challenge and they have even launched a new logo and everything.


I really like the concept of the Reserve League, because we as fans are exposed to some of the country’s next generation of pro footballers.

My only concern has always been that these are not necessarily the best players around. And sadly, the whole thing is hyped up and driven by the TV guys.

I also think it’s rather sad that there is only the championship at stake but no real fear of defeat because there is no relegation.

So while the idea is to prepare players for the next stage, which in this case is the Premiership.

What that then means is that most of these players will join the Premiership having never really experienced the true feeling of defeat and backlash that comes with it.

So are we really preparing them to be fully grown men that can handle the pressures that will come with paying in a league where there are millions at stake?

Do these players really and truly understand the whole situation that they are in?

There was no mention of a synergy with the national set-up or how this will make Mzansi a force in African football.

The reward is that players will wear vests with GPS to track their movements on the pitch.

Ja ne, we are truly shifting further and further away from reality and sadly we are taking these young men there with us and giving them no real choice.

We are trying to recreate and reinvent the wheel which is typical of SA football.

There’s nothing in this reserve league set-up that says we are using the good and bad lessons of the past to benefit the future. It’s all about “these matches will be broadcast” on this awesome private broadcast channel.

So now young players are basically. Being sold a dream of being on TV instead of being told to strive for greatness.

There are no warnings about the effects of being on TV regularly, worse is that there was no mention of how players are going to be given the tools to be better professional footballers.

But what do you expect from an organisation that doesn’t have a youth department or a person with a 100% focus on youth development.

Where do coaches and administrators fit into this whole picture? We are lacking jobs in our country and SA football, which is supposed to be the sport of the people, is not doing much to create jobs and opportunities except if you’re are a player!

And no please, don’t come try here  and tell me about the amazing training the young broadcasters will be getting through this. That’s a benefit for Dstv not SA football, asseblief toe!

At the recent PSL elections, the Chairman Bra Irvin Khoza said that he’s preparing the floor for the next generation of leaders to take over.

Where are these leaders going to be developed? Where is the next Pitso Mosimane going to come from?

Who will help these players cope with this whole situation they are getting into?

These guys even have the nerve to claim Bafana Bafana star Percy Tau, who’s now Anderlecht in Belgium and even claim Burkina Faso’s Lassana Traore who’s now at Ajax Amsterdam.

These two guys didn’t even play that many matches in this league for them to be making such a bold statement

I’m sorry ouens, maybe I’m just in bad mood because this is the week of the late Anele Ngcongca’s funeral

To me this sounds like we are going to watch one overhyped SA diski reality show. It’s no different to Big Brother!

I’m extremely concerned because we are trying out things that have no true benefit for SA football overall.

We are not champions of anything as a country, instead of fixing that, we are putting the spotlight on ourselves and yet again trying to rush players and clubs into a showcase that they haven’t been prepared for.

There was no mention of parents and how they fit into the picture.

There was no mention of the NFD, which for me is still treated like a side chick that needs to sort itself out, while the Diski Challenge is the pride and joy that benefits without really needing to do much besides just showing up.

I guess that’s why we’ll continue to have players that crumble when they have to face serious challenging circumstances on the continent and elsewhere.

I feel like we’re grooming our youngsters to be spoiled brats that live in a Dstv cocoon.

We are just not trying to be better as a football nation!

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