Collaboration: It’s about time

Strategy [strat-i-jee]: a plan or method, or series of manoeuvres or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result.

It’s about time we hold hands and give one another a lift when we can bafethu!

So basically, a strategy is a plan guys, which means things are arranged before-hand. So when you do things according to the plan, you’ll understand the end-result much-much better. I promise you!

But, you see my friend, if you act outside the plan, it’s no longer a strategy, it’s called taking a risk. And that can be very confusing for those you have planned with.

A friend of mine once used the term “cowboys” to describe people who don’t follow processes. Going as far as calling them “reckless”.

Songezo Rhalarhala

So the thing about risk is that it has high rewards. The bigger issue with risk is that when it doesn’t work out, the results hurt and it often takes even more effort to get out of it.

It is advisable that you take it when it’s truly worth it, but you can only know that when you consult others.

People that take risks because they believe they have nobody else to count on or reach out to for feedback and/or assistance.

Golf teaches me a lot about accepting a result from taking a shot. Wherever the ball lands, you have the next shot to play in golf.

You see in golf, further means closer. You hit the ball as far as possible, so that you get it closer to the hole.

There are a few opportunities to hit one shot and get the ball closer or into the hole, but it may mean hitting it over some obstacles (trees, sand, water) we call those hazards on the golf course.

In golf you can ask a caddy for advice before taking a shot, if there’s no caddy you can ask your fellow player or players and will give a fair assessment of the situation at hand.

You ultimately have to take the shot, but because you spoke to your caddy or fellow players, they would be aware of what you’re doing. And no matter the result, they will be with you right there when you take the next shot.

That’s a lesson about collaboration. The shot is still yours, but other people contribute.

So as the year comes to an end, while talking to the good people at Black Embassy about the idea of pushing the gospel of COLLABORATION, November sounded like a good month to look back and count the blessings that have come collaborating with others.

I’ve got my people who have helped me move forward this year and in the past. I’ll break down a few as we navigate through November.

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