#Inspiration: Branding is being GOOD

“Branding…is being good, not being known.” – Denzel Washington on the webseries #OffScript with Jamie Foxx

You want to be good, you watch and learn from the best right?

Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx are very accomplished guys. There’s nobody better to pick and choose from to be better.

Mr Washington was a guest on Mr Foxx’s exciting show and man you can’t help but be proud to see two List guys just being guys in front of camera for a change 😂

Then Denzel says “If you drink too much water you will drown” and Jamie says “ooh man, dropping jewels!”

That felt so genuine. The type of hype and fun I would have when chilling with my Boys! (Or homies, or male friends, or ndihleli namajita am)

Ekseeeee Denzel was in some mood

Mr Washington brings it home and explains: “Branding for an actor is being good, not being known.”

This hit home, because I’m in the content game. Yes people read and even consume a lot of crap on the internet and some of it trends even.

But do you think they go back later and read/listen/watch that content? Denzel adds that “whatever you did, was it any good?! Not how many likes you got.”

I was like ekseeeee Denzel is in the mood 🚨

I’ve seen this interview quite a bit and I enjoy it everytime. I watched it again cause I was looking for inspiration as I was trying to prepare for the shoot of Episode 3 of HolaGoal show on Goal.com Twitter GoalcomSa

I was nervous as hell. Nervous cause I actually now really want to LEVEL up and deliver something unforgettable.

Something that will contribute to how you all experienced this #AFCON and make them come back for more ⚽🇿🇦 #GRATEFUL

Branding is being GOOD

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