Skeeming with iSkeem Semicimbi

Bro, I’m watching a movie…and there’s a train that just choo-choo’d it’s way past the backyard.

That’s the vibe I experienced while chilling with the youngins at iSkeem Semicimbi launch.

The photography crew iSkeem is made up of some youngins, one of which is Manez the chap I told you about in the last column. You know the guy who likes the orange squash concentrated drink?

Actually, iSkeem has quite a deep collection of football shots of some of your favourite SA football greats in their most comfortable state – telling their stories as honestly as you’ve ever experienced.

We watched a movie called “Sorry To Bother You” where the lead character Cash is asked to ‘act black and rap’ just to fit in.

That’s what it’s like to be a football fan man. People are constantly trying to make you sing to their tune all the damn time.

The sad part about it all is that, the same people are not prepared to be as vocal when they have to humble themselves.

Anyway we also caught Beyonce’s HOMECOMING: A film by BeyoncĂ© on Netflix…freaken amazing!

Big up to the youngins for the experience and their new studio set up, we had a blast!


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