QUOTE of the season: Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes (MBE), a former coach and now pundit on Sky Sports delivered what I think goes down as the quote of the season.

“It infuriates everybody, the Tottenham project” – Emma Hayes (MBE)

This she said in a the show THE DEBATE hosted by Laura Woods, where she was a guest alongside Dion Dublin, who is also a pundit on Sky and a former striker in the Premier League.

I felt like a BOMB was supposed to drop after she said that.

My social media timeline is flooded with posts about Spurs’ inability to win a trophy.

I have to constantly remind people that their favourite clubs don’t have FIVE full England senior national players, that were either groomed (three-plus years at their clubs) or that they didn’t overpay for.

  • Kieran Trippier
  • Eric Dier
  • Dele Alli
  • Harry Winks
  • Harry Kane (captain)

The other fact is that when all fit, all these FIVE Spurs players will all actually start for the Three Lions!

I don’t even want to talk about how many Spurs players are in the England youth national teams, that’s another discussion on it’s own!

So my dear friend, just don’t make your glory-hunting expectations my problem.

Instead of actually applauding, you want to talk up everything else that we are not doing instead of recognising what is really happening.

The fact is, none of the “rival clubs” can do what Spurs is doing right now and that makes you all mad.



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