BIZZARE: Diego Maradona during Argentina vs Nigeria

Diego Maradona has become the latest legendary footballer on the 2018 FIFA World Cup social media trending charts.

This after Colombia legends Rene Higuita and Carlos Valderrama stole the headlines on Sunday, during their nation’s 3-0 thrashing of Poland.

El Diego wasn’t to be outdone by his Colombian peers, Maradona has been trending in social media conversations since his arrival in Russia.

The Argentina football legend has been making headlines since last year’s video of him using his elbow to down a shot of vodka surfaced all over social media ahead of kick-off of the tournament.

Maradona has attended every match Argentina played so far in the tournament, showing a lot of emotions as a spectator in the stands and has used every opportunity to throw shade at the Argentina coach for an underwhelming performance by the side.

His behaviour during the crucial third group match against Nigeria on Tuesday evening was however rather bizarre and at times concerning because of his history with drugs and health.

He looked drunk or high on something in various videos and images posted online and was even caught showing the middle finger when he celebrated Argentina’s winner in the 2-1 win over the Super Eagles.

One can’t be sure who the middle finger was for, but it is no doubt a way to rejoice when your team’s hard-fought qualification for the last 16.

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